Squads are a Conforming Mechanism


imagesSociety is made up of groups or as we like to call them, “squads.” A squad is a group that people find their identity in. Squads have developed into a part of our culture into a way in which we define ourselves.

The Social Learning Theory

Sociologist, Ashley Crossman, states that “The Social Learning Theory” describes the phenomenon of finding one’s identity through the interaction with others.  This theory “attempts to explain socialization and its effect of the development of the self.”  With the idea of #squadgoals and the way it categorizes people in today’s society, it is increasingly difficult to break out of this conformity.  It is part of human nature to adapt and learn from society and without realizing our adaptations, we slowly begin to identify with these newly found attributes.

The Inner Circle

As a member of a squad, each member identifies with the rest of the group.  When each individual member accepts that they are part of a squad, they begin to accept the actions and ideas of the people they surround themselves with. Squads have evolved over time, but the members of the squad change together.  The overall dynamic of the squad is constantly changing, but Social Learning Theory supports the idea that these changes are made as a unified group.  Ideas, behaviors and the style of the group change and each member adapts to these changes whether it is consciously or unconsciously in order to fit in.  It is socially acceptable to change when your squad changes with you.  However, A member who chooses to deviate from the group norm is seen as an outcast.  Studies by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience show that participants in a research study “conformed more often to in-group judgments than to out-group judgments.” Members of a squad feel a sense of unity and support for each other.  This explains the finding that in-group conformity is mediated by fundamental value signals in the brain. The studies performed by the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience help to explain the extreme effectiveness a squad has in influencing the minds of its members.

Association with a certain group of people has a major influence on the behavior of the members of the group.  Although squads may seem like they are a way of distinctly defining each member, they actually give no distinction to individuals.  Instead, members of each group learn from each other and lose their unique identity.





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