Will Femininity and Masculinity Remain Constant?

Gender is something that has evolved along with the evolution of humans.  Defining gender involves defining gender norms.   Gender is defined by humans through gender norms and through socialization, these norms become inherent in us to the point where they are never examined or criticized.

Paradoxes of Gender

According to Judith Lorber in her book, Paradoxes of Gender, “gender organizes human social life in culturally patterned ways.” We are given a gender role at birth that society has created based upon what is considered normal and not normal for females and males.  As long as these boundaries that separate the genders are adhered to, normality is maintained.  As soon as these boundaries are crossed, judgements and claims about the person are made. We are so used to the gender norms of today that we only notice they are there if someone chooses to act differently.  As a male or a female, each gender is expected to follow certain gender norms that are considered “correct,” but what society doesn’t consider is that these gender norms are constantly evolving and were actually created by society.Gender is a learned behavior. Dr Zuleyka Zevallos explains that gender is “socially constructed.” Certain activities and products are considered masculine or feminine because of the gender norms society has created. sex-gender-and-sexuality-sociology-definitions

Gender vs Sex

Gender and sex are often confused because of how socialized we are to the gender norms of today. Sex refers to the biological differences between a male and female where as gender refers to the social and cultural differences.  These are not biological differences between the sexes but merely behaviors accepted by our culture to define masculinity and femininity.

Gender is socially constructed meaning that it is constantly evolving and learned through behaviors and general social interaction.  These learned behaviors become 2nd nature to us and are treated as if they are the norm.

Sociology of Gender


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