Does Obama Speak With a Feminine Style?

According to the article, “A Feminine Style” in Women’s Political Discourse, a feminine style is defined by four specific aspects.  President Obama shows all four of these characteristics of a feminist style of speech in his 2014 State of the Union Address.  A feminine style is defined as inclusive, which explains Obama’s use of “we” throughout the speech. He suggests that there are steps “we can take” and also uses it as encouragement by saying things like,”we can do it.”   Obama’s use of “we” helps encourage a sense of unity among the American public.  He addresses the public as if we are all in it together and power is evenly distributed.

Obama also demonstrates his feminine style through his explanation of his past experiences.  He focuses on the fact that he and Michelle were given a fair chance growing up and every child deserves the same opportunities they were given.  He is very open about his childhood and upbringing and bases his policies off of what he learned growing up.

One of Obama’s main ideas on his political agenda is giving equal rights to women.  He puts women’s issues at the forefront of social issues.  Although he mentions a variety of social issues throughout his address, he seems to be mainly concerned with the women of our country.  He says in his state of the union address,” when women succeed, America succeeds.”  This quote shows his faith and concern for women in this country further demonstrating his feminine style of speech.

Finally, Obama uses more emotion than action in the 2014 State of the Union Address.  He consistently uses phrases like “I believe” and “hope” to ensure Americans that he is invested emotionally in this country.  He feels the need to convince the public through his feelings that he is fully invested rather than through his actions.

Through the use of these four speaking strategies, Obama proves in his 2014 State of the Union address that he uses a feminine style of speaking.  He isn’t concerned with demonstrating his power over the American public and wants everyone to know that we are all in it together.  He wants every group to succeed and is guided by his emotions.


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