I Knew You Were Trouble

Taylor Swift came out with a hit single “I knew you were Trouble” on her latest Red album. Swift strayed far away from her country music style with a new dubstep style. Even though she changed her overall style of song, her lyrics portrayed the same Taylor Swift we all resonate with. Taylor Swift writes about another relationship that ends in heartbreak for her. This song admits the propensity for girls to date the “bad boy” even though she knows the heartbreak that comes with this type of relationship.

I Knew You Were Trouble

It is a common theme for girls to want to date the “bad boy” instead of the guy that shows his sensitivity and treats her like she wants to be treated. There is this idealized relationship that one girl will be able to change this bad guy into a sensitive, loving boyfriend. Every girl aspires to be this girl. Swift explains this phenomenon when she says, “how can the devil be pulling you toward someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you.” By this she means that girls are often times blinded by this type of guy when he acts sweet towards them. She is acknowledging that she was blinded by his perfect smile and disregarded any thoughts of him as a “bad boy.” She goes on to say that she has made this mistake multiple times and she is shameful that she fell so hard for this guy that she knew wouldn’t be good for her. She repeats multiple times in the song “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”

The Joke is on Me

After being hurt by this guy, she realizes that he is just like all of the others guys she has dated like him. She realizes that “the joke is on her.” He is not going to change for her she is just going to be a “new notch” in his belt and “that’s all [she’ll] ever be.” She faces this reality, realizes the pain and heartbreak she is feeling, and admits that she is left weeping on the ground for him.

As she cries over this guy, she thinks about their relationship as a whole and comes to the conclusion that he never loved her. She was so wrapped up in changing him into the perfect guy for her that she never entertained that thought. It wasn’t until he completely let her go that he could’ve possibly been like all of the other guys. Her hopes of changing him into the ideal guy overruled the fear she had acquired from her past mistakes. Even though she knew deep down that he wouldn’t be different, she convinced herself that he would be. This ultimately led to her heartbreak again.


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