A Changing Taylor Swift

imgresSwift used to be the country singer every girl could relate to. She used to be the quirky, nerdy one who wasn’t always the center of attention. She wrote songs about her nonexistent or messed up love life on her guitar in the privacy of her own room. Even in her early stardom, Swift wrote these songs on her own, and they were hardly tampered with. She was still that approachable, relatable teenage girl that every girl looked up to. Parents looked at Swift as one of the only celebrities that they would feel comfortable allowing their kids to look up to. As far as role models in Hollywood go, Swift was at the top of the list. Today, Swift is far from relatable to the average teenager with her complete transformation of style.


In recent years, Swift has moved from her small town, quirky persona and become another celebrity in Hollywood. Her fan base has grown dramatically every year since she first became known. In order to keep her fan base growing, Swift surrounds herself with big named individuals such as Harry Styles, Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss. Fans are more intrigued when she publicizes herself with other big names rather than random fans because it shows her as more of a part of the celebrity culture. Celebrities are intriguing to fans and the more Swift can fit into this culture the more people will follow her life and want to listen to her music. The celebrity culture is only for the elite. Since Swift is now part of the celebrity culture, she is much more respected as an artist and not seen as much as a relatable teenage girl. Swift is performative in that she is branding her friendships and making them more of a marketing scheme than just a group of people she hangs around.  Her squad is designed to embrace her “true brand: the benevolent pop princess.”

Benevolent Pop Princess

Being in this elite group of celebrities, Swift has completely changed her style in regard to her music, her look and the way she carries herself. She has come far from the shy, nerdy girl with ringlets in her hair and become a new person. Her long ringlets are now a short, sleek hairstyle. Her outfits have gone from casual country attire to glamorous, high-end fashion.  Swift displayed her new transformed look on the nationally televised Victoria secret fashion show as she doubled as a performing and also a model. Her new look and along with her new group of friends is designed to embrace her “true brand: the benevolent pop princess.”

Not only did her image change but also her music. She went from one of the most popular country singers to a pop artist. Her songs started playing on pop and hip hop stations instead of country stations. Her new songs were much more of a production. Her guitar was no longer the main instrument in her songs. Taylor Swift is now a brand not the girl next door that everyone can relate to.

Why The Taylor Swift #Squad Movement Isn’t What It Seems


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